viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Hechos de la bancarrota de Detroit...

11 Depressing Stats About Detroit

Business Insider

Earlier today, Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the largest municipal bankruptcy in history.
Municipal bond experts Peter Hayes and James Schwartz of Blackrock published a brief analytical note earlier this month titled "Distress In Detroit." In it they offered some stats that would make anyone cringe.
Here are eleven of them:
  1. Detroit's population has plunged 63% since 1950.
  2. ...and it's down 26% since 2000.
  3. The unemployment rate hit a high of 27.8% in July 2009.
  4. As of April 2013, the unemployment rate was at 16%.
  5. Even though the population fell 63% since 1950, the municipal workforce fell by just 40%, adding to the strain on public finances.
  6. Detroit has the highest violent crime rate of any large U.S. city
  7.'s five times higher than the national average.
  8. 40% of the city's street lights don't work.
  9. 78,000 structures and 66,000 lots are abandoned.
  10. Arson accounts for 1,000 of 12,0000 fires per year.
  11. ...60% of those arson fires are in dilapidated or empty buildings.
Read Hayes & Schwartz note at

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