jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

¿Cuanto costaría un Big Mac si McDonald's duplicara sus salarios?

Here's How Much More A Big Mac Would Cost If McDonald's Doubled Wages

Fast food workers from McDonald's and other major companies are striking for higher pay. 
The strikers are seeking wages of $15 per hour—about twice the minimum wage. 
If McDonald's doubled wages for all employees, including CEO Don Thompson, Big Macs would cost 68 cents more, increasing from $3.99 to $4.67, reports Caroline Fairchild at The Huffington Post
Dollar Menu items would cost 17 cents more, according to HuffPo. 
Fairchild cites a University of Kansas researcher, who crunched numbers to see what would happen if McDonald's doubled the salary of every employee then passed that cost on entirely to consumers. 
Only 17% of McDonald's revenue goes toward salary and benefits, according to the report. 
That means that the company could increase wages without passing that cost to consumers, and simply make a smaller profit. 
McDonald's CEO Don Thompson told Bloomberg TV last week that the company is an “above minimum-wage employer.” 
McDonald's pays an average hourly wage of $7.81, according to Glassdoor. This puts it just above the national average of about $7.50. 

Business Insider 

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