lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Personalidad y salarios

This is how much money people with your personality make

It’s important whenever presented with a theory like Carl Jung’s theory of personality types (which Myers and Briggs formalized into apersonality test) to remember that you are in possession of a unique set of neurons whose synapses fire in unique patterns that cannot easily be slotted into one of sixteen “types” from which one can draw conclusions about your destiny.

That said, tests are fun! As an INTP (or so the Internet just told me) it appears that I need to get better at talking to people and planning if I am to have any hope of making the Big Bucks. Of course that’s only true if Myers-Briggs types have causal income effects which they very well might not but whatever, tests are fun!

Hat-tip to Jessica Roy for the chart; here’s the full infographic. Click “Know More” to read a psychologist’s summary of the Myers-Briggs test’s many shortcomings. Among other problems, peoples’ types tend to vary based on test-taking sessions (which they shouldn’t if the test measures an immutable personality type) and the explanatory power of personality types as determined by the test is limited.

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